Prayer Chain

Please Pray For: Further Info: Date:
Shelly B 12/10/17
Kenneth, Harold & Jeni 12/10/17
Sandy, Ted & Bob 12/10/17
Helen & Dave D 12/10/17
Adam, Samantha & Emily H 12/10/17
Vicki & Rob H 12/10/17
Bigelow K 12/10/17
Roger D 12/10/17
Lucki D 12/10/17
Henry 12/10/17
Denny D 12/10/17
Caroline 12/10/17
Mike 12/10/17
Frank, Evelyn & Patty Jo 12/10/17
Jill V, Rose, Frank & Leo 12/10/17
Rose H & Peter V 12/10/17
Kelley B 12/10/17


Prayer concerns retrieved from Sunday services are posted to this list and sent out to those who have requested to participate in the prayer chain every Monday morning. The prayer concerns can be sent via email or postal mail.

If you have any prayer requests or would like added to the prayer chain, please contact the church office by phone 419-243-4214 or email