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HeART Gallery opened in 2016 and is located in historic St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in downtown Toledo. Adapting to the changes of the downtown climate, a new ministry has emerged in the past year, appropriately named HeART Gallery.  Its first steps of infancy have proven very successful due to the hard-working efforts of the arts committee, staff and members of the congregation. As St. Paul’s strives to be the Christ centered hub of Toledo, this new avenue of out-reach has engaged many people through monthly exhibits, participation in vibrant  Toledo Art Loop activities, and monthly Lunch & Learn events. Riverside Writers, a creative legacy writing group for seniors, and other art, music and food events are planned around the unique interests of those living in the Toledo area. We believe visual art creates discussion for spiritual thought and inspiration for daily life.  Many monthly exhibits of a spiritual and reflective nature are offered, as well as an integration of music and art during worship throughout the liturgical seasons of the church year.  

St. Paul’s and its HeART Gallery ministry continues to be a vital and unique destination: the heart in the heart of Toledo. It is a place of inclusion regardless of age, gender, income, race, beliefs, or life circumstance – all are welcome. Through collaboration with downtown agencies, businesses and other arts groups, HeART Gallery reaches out to bring people together through the arts. We foster an environment where all people can experience the love of Christ through the gifts of artists, writers and musicians, that our eyes may be open to the deeper love of God and a more faithful engagement with the world.  Like a cup of cold water, HeART Gallery serves to replenish those parched by life’s unpredictable journey – offering refreshing balm to heal tired imaginations and God’s word for thirsty souls.  




August 17 – “Our Pets” ExhibitionExhibition Photo Gallery

September 21 – “Paint Your Place”   This event has been cancelled.


Thursday, October 19 & Friday, October 20 4-9pm, Saturday Oct 21 10-2pm










Thursday Oct 19 4-9pm 
Friday Oct 20 4-9pm 
Saturday Oct 21 10-2pm

HeART Gallery
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
428 N. Erie St
Toledo, OH 43604

*Free parking is available in the Kwik Park lot beside the church. Enter through the side door accesible from the parking lot. Wheelchair ramp is through the first door on the right and leads directly to the elevator. Take the elevator up 1 floor turn left and enter the Gallery.

You are invited to view a unique exhibit of 40 art quilts based on themes of joy, spirituality, grief, healing, and peace. Art pieces are accompanied by a story describing the inspiration that guided each artist in their creative process. The artwork themes provide healing and encouragement to grief and human hardships.

Additionally, guests can participate by completing a quilt for the Lutheran World Relief Refugee project. Quilts made by local Lutheran churches will be displayed and tagged to identify the areas around the world where quilts are sent to help in crisis situations.

Refreshments will be served.

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November 16 – “Holiday Loop”


December 21 – “Light Up! Toledo”


If interested in submitting artwork for any of these events, please contact the church office – 419-243-4214.



There is also studio space for budding artists available for use in our well-lit, historic building opposite the Government Center and Lucas County Courthouse!

If interested in submitting art or utilizing our studio spaces, please contact the church office – 419-243-4214