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Plenty4all is an international humanitarian organization committed to feeding every child on this planet.

To feed every child on this planet it is also necessary to feed their parents and families also.
Everybody Eats!

We must look beyond our differences. Look to the light of God that shines so brightly in the eyes of the child. It is there we will find strength and purpose for a better world. We will build projects growing fresh food locally anywhere on the planet by creating Plenty4all Coops.

Aug 22

Culture at the crossroads

CULTURE AT THE CROSSROADS: Critical sssues of our time.

This is a brand new group that will be meeting at noon on the First thursday of the month, beginning this October, in the St Paul’s social Room.

Oregon City Administrator Mike Beazley will kick off the new First Thursday luncheon series October 5 with Threats to Democracy: The Perniciousness of Money in Politics.

The event includes a simple soup-and-salad lunch at noon followed by Beazley’s presentation with Q&A discussion ending at 1:15.

“It’s been a few years since we’ve had the First Thursday lunch series in Toledo, and the times call for it to be started again,” said Fr. John Blaser, one of the organizers.   The series is the result of a partnership between the Social Justice Subcommittee of the Toledo Chapter of U.S. Catholic Priests and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, following the pattern of the 2001-2012 series by Catholic Charities.

According to St. Paul Pastor Pete Bowmer, “All people of all faiths need to get together to look at today’s critical issues through the lens of social justice and the common good.” The theme of the series is “Culture at the Crossroads: Critical Issues of Our Time.


First Thursday lunches will take place at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 428 N. Erie Street, Toledo, OH 43604. Cost is $15 for lunch and presentation (cash or check at the door). Tickets will be stamped at the door for free parking in the Kwik lot adjacent to the church. Series discounts and financial assistance for those in need are available.


Future presentations in this year’s series:


November 2    Dr. Johnathon Ross: Healthcare

January 4         Eugenio Mollo, Jr., Advocates for Basic Legal Equality (ABLE): The Treading Immigration Topic

February 1       Chris Vickers, WTOL Meteorologist: Local Efforts to Keep the Paris Accord

March 1           Dr. Samina Hasan: Being Muslim in America Today

April 5             Speaker to be announced: Prison Reform.


RSVP to one week in advance.





Fr. John Blaser, 419-344-1295,

Rev. Pete Bowmer, 419-243-4214,

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