Aug 22

A Vision for St Pauls

I have a vision of what social ministry and community engagement could be in the coming year at St Paul’s. The working parties will add to this foundation.

I share this vision below.



  • Teaching crock pot cooking, providing demonstrations, recipes, food and crockpots.

The program would be for small groups of 10 people (or less). 3 sessions of cooking demonstrations with recipes and food provided. At the end of the 3 sessions participants get to keep their crockpots. Funding would be primarily through grants and sponsorships. A volunteer or two would need to be harnessed for the teaching. Each session would be preceded by a short devition/worship time.


I’ve made a connection with the University Church (a United Methodist congregation) with a community garden who can provide us fresh food. In addition Glenwood Lutheran participates in a community garden. We have established contact with Seagate and other foodbanks. The program will focus on returning citizens (ex offenders) and recovering addicts.


  • forming a women’s ‘Lean In’ group based on the writing of Sheryl Sandberg. Lean In:Women, Work, and the Will to Lead is a 2013 nonfiction book by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and magazine writer Nell Scovell. Mixing research, personal narrative, and anecdotes from other professionals, Lean In presents case studies on the trials facing women in the workplace, and advice on how to get ahead.


Lean In Circles are small groups that learn and grow together by leveraging the benefits of adult learning and peer mentorship. And they work: 85 percent of members credit their Circle with a positive change in their life. Once you submit your partner profile, tips are given on starting and running a Circle, along with supporting materials to help you market and engage with your Circles community.


  • In conjunction with Glenwood, St Marks (eastside) and Collingwood Presbyterian we are planning a ‘collegial’ approach to Fall bible study/conversation. Autumn is around the corner and school is about to be in session. In the church, we are heeding our call to teach Jesus’ disciples and nurture their gift of faith. We all have such incredible learning experiences to offer that it would be a shame for anyone to miss an opportunity to grow because of a scheduling conflict. Instead, we would do well to compile a list of learning opportunities for this fall so that our fellow disciples can select a time that works and a topic that interests them. 


So far we have 3 topics/books people can choose from;

“Brand Luther” book study at the Black Cloister led by Pastor Beth Giller and Sherry Krieger.

“Lutheran Trump Cards” book study led by Pastor Pete at St Paul’s

“Ephesians” led by Pastor Chris Hanley at Glenwood.


  • In conjunction with some Catholic leaders I know we are forming a Social Justice collaboration. It is sponsored by the local social justice subcommittee of the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, and is entitled: “Culture at the Crossroads: Critical Issues of our Time”. Topics planned so far include, The Paris Climate Accord, What’s happening with Health Care for all, Enabling Returning Citizens, Being a Muslim in America today, etc. This will take place at noon on the first Thursday of each month, beginning Sept at St Paul’s. The session begins at noon with a 25 minute lunch, then a guest speaker for 25 minutes, then 20 minute Q and A. Cost will be $15 which covers the meal and guest speaker.


  • Thursday Socials. The first Thursday of the month will be a time for Social justice collaboration mentioned above. On the second Thursday of each month we will watch a movie at St Paul’s and share a community lunch afterwards. On the 3rd Thursday there will be a Seniors writing group led by Kate Philabaum in the heART Gallery. 


  • This is all in addition to the exciting possibilities our heART Gallery can bring to St Paul’s.
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